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Development Process

Find below all stages of development needed for successful designing of your website.

Research stage

Initial stage of the whole process. At this stage we obtain from you all the information you have on the subject, as well as all the materials you can offer to fill your future website.

To speed up the process of defining the requirements to design we have prepared a lot of ready templates. You can use one of them in full or just point out the ideas you liked.

All the materials received will be added to PHPFABER Project Management platform, the access to which will be provided separately. As soon as the development task is defined and approved and all the content is received, we can go on to the next stage.

Design stage

From your personal page you will be able to watch the progress of designing and make adjustments. When the final style has been obtained and approved by you, we go over to the next stage.

Production stage

It is a final stage. Using all the available materials, as well as approved design, we integrate CMS. Your site will be dynamic and easily updated. The stage is not considered complete without your personal approval.

PHPFABER project management platform

All the team involved in building your site, including you, will use a special platform providing efficient collaboration. All documents, source codes and discussions will be stored in the same place. Even after the development is over you will have access to this space. If needed, you will be able to open a ticket, and the member of our team will contact you as soon as possible. Choose a package corresponding to your requirements here.

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